"Geordie" is a regional dialect of English spoken in Tyneside, the region around the River Tyne in northeastern England, dominated by the city of Newcastle.

Kamtok (Cameroon Pidgin) is spoken by over
2 million people in the West African country of Cameroon. It is used in literature and religion.

Krio is a creole that is the native language of less that 10 % of the population of SIerra Leone (on the coast of West Africa). But it is also learned as a second language and widely used as a lingua franca throughout Sierra Leone and in neighbouring countries.

"Singlish" is an indigenized variety of English spoken informally in Singapore. It is mostly spoken as a second language.

Aboriginal English is the name given to the different forms of the minority dialect spoken by Aboriginal people in Australia. It is an important marker of ethnic identity.

Tok Pisin is the dialect of Melanesian Pidgin spoken by more than 2.5 million people in Papua New Guinea. It is used in the broadcast and print media, and in parliamentary debate.

Bislama is the dialect of Melanesian Pidgin spoken by over 120,000 people throughout Vanuatu. It has been declared the national language of the country.

Trinidad French Creole is spoken on the island of Trinidad in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. In contrast to most of the Language Varieties in this site, its vocabulary comes mainly from French, not English