English Lexicology

Lecture 1:Connection of Lexicology with Other Branches of Linguistics

Lecture 2:Sources of English Vocabulary

Lecture 3:Word Formation: Compounding

Lecture 4:Blending, Backformation and Shortening

Lecture 5:Word Formation: Conversion

Lecture 6:Word Meaning and Semantic Relations

Lecture 7:Conceptual Meaning

Lecture 8:Associative Meaning: Social Meaning

Lecture 9:Associative Meaning: Collocative Meaning

Lecture 10:Associative Meaning: Connotative Meaning, Reflected Meaning, Affective Meaning

Lecture 11:Words and Gender

Lecture 12:Semantic Changes: Extension of Meaning

Lecture 13:Semantic Changes: Elevation of Meaning and Degradation of Meaning

Lecture 14:Word and Politics

Lecture 15:Euphemisms

Lecture 16:English Idioms

Lecture 17:British English and American English

Lecture 18:How to Use a Dictionary

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